BioICEP (BioInnovation of a circular Economy for Plastics) BioICEP is a flagship EU-China Horizon 2020 project

BioICEP brings together leading experts from industry and academia, spanning China to Europe, contributing a set of purpose-designed and ground-breaking technologies to achieve a circular Economy for Plastics The ethos of BioICEP is building technologies to match the natural biomaterial lifecycle, for plastics. BioICEP is dedicated to the development of new green depolymerisation and bioconversion technologies operated in tandem with nature’s prescription for regenerative material circularity.

A sequential approach starting with mechanical/green chemical technologies, which simulate natural weathering and arthropodal dismantling activities, is followed by accentuated microbial and biocatalytic treatments, to yield effective depolymerised waste plastic feedstocks. Revalorization using virgin to virgin loops, bioprocessing and fermentation as new ecopolymers and ecoproducts provides routes to continuous sustainable plastic circularity.