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The PRISM RI is an internationally connected group of researchers specialising in the polymer research. Our aim is to develop industry relevant solutions to research questions spanning all aspects of polymer science and engineering. PRISM researchers are involved in a variety of national and international projects and centres including: the Enterprise Ireland Funded APT Technology Gateway Centre and the Meat Technology Ireland Technology Centre; Science Foundation Ireland centres for Advanced Materials and Bioengineering (Amber), Smart Manufacturing (Confirm) and Medical Devices (CĂșram). At an EU level, PRISM researchers are contributing to polymer sustainability through ERA funded projects BIOICEP.EU (coordinator), Buddie-Pack and Interreg project Curcol, with PRISM researchers contributing to a variety of COST actions related to polymeric research. PRISM researchers represent TUS at the European composites, plastics and polymer processing platform and a variety of COST actions.


Fast-tracking sustainable technology solutions, that preserve natural resources and reduce polluting emissions while creating jobs and building market opportunities.

Project Acronym
Project Title
BioInnovation of a Circular Economy for Plastics
Permanent Recylcing of PET
Eco conversion of lower grade PET and mixed recalcitrant PET plastic waste into high performing biopolymers
Curcumin-based sustainable Colours


State-of-the-art biomedical collaborator research working collaboratively with the industry and academic partners on the development of next-generation medical devices and drug delivery systems.

Project Acronym
Project Title
Novel Ostomy Products