Academic Research

Centre for Polymer Sustainability

Mission: Fast-tracking sustainable technology solutions, that preserve natural resources and reduce polluting emissions while creating jobs and building market opportunities.

The CPS is a new research centre, dedicated to meeting the growing global drive for circular solutions for plastics. CSP is fast tracking innovation for how plastics are made, unmade and remade through research excellence and engaging industry, education and diverse partnerships. A number of innovative solutions for delivering circularity for plastics are being piloted and further technologies to provide sustainability for plastics are under development. CPS provides a pertinent vehicle which is differentiated by its pivotal operation at the interface of a broad span of disciplines connected with polymers.

Enabling circularity for an increasingly wide source of plastics and polymers, including those that are not recycled/recyclable today is a core CPS activity.

Our solutions are delivered by our talented cross-sectorial team and national and international projects designed to match the future needs of the new EU circular plastics economy across the full value chain.