Product Development

CISD Design

Product Design & Engineering Expertise in Plastics Manufacturing With over 500 projects to date CISD design have helped accelerate product development from start-up SME’s to large scale multinational organisations. By bridging the gap from idea to production with novel manufacturing methods CISD have been able to dramatically reduce time and cost to production. We have helped our clients develop ideas into successful products across a number of sectors in Ireland and internationally. Our expertise in design and manufacturing allow us to develop products centred on the user’s needs, with defendable IP and ready for production. CISD delivers from the initial idea to the final product.

Our state of the art on-site prototyping and manufacturing facilities combined with our knowledge and experience in plastics allow us streamline the product development process by quickly producing fully functional and aesthetical models to garner feedback, test, iterate and improve. We have built our reputation for delivering on time, on budget, and exceeding client expectations. Sectors  • Consumer • Medical • Healthcare • Assisted Living •Sports • Industrial Equipment • Agricultural Expertise • Design Thinking • Research • Concept Development • 3D/2D CAD specialist • Mechanical Engineering • Prototyping • Usability Testing • Design for Manufacture (DFM)

3D Printing

Our state-of-the-art on-site prototyping and manufacturing facilities combined with our knowledge and …


Our technical team can serve the polymer industry from an initial concept to assist in the development of …


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Testing and Investigation

Comprehensive polymer investigation, characterization and testing service

Our Leaders: Gavin Keane