Processing Case Study

Production of controlled release devices in the Animal Health sector

Company Name: Mayo Healthcare

Funding Source:
Innovation Partnership

Profile of Company:
Mayo Healthcare Ltd. is an indigenous company specialising in the manufacture of minerals and controlled release trace elements for large animals.

Problem to Be Solved

The traditional approach to production of controlled release devices in the Animal Health sector has centred on direct compression of powders/granulates, a labour-intensive technique subject to segregation problems during the tabletting process.

How APT Delivered Solution for Industry:

Polymeric materials were modified and blended using a continuous high-throughput process. Research included design, validation and optimisation of test procedures.

Impact for the Company

This proof of concept R&D developed prototypes with the potential to revolutionise the way that animal supplement delivery devices are manufactured, replacing the current state of the art compaction process which is time consuming, inefficient and expensive.

Company Testimonial

“Within a very short space of time tremendous progress has been made in developing a commercially viable product; … (we) would encourage other companies to explore this kind of option for new product development.”

Managing Director,
Mayo Healthcare.