Dr. Cüneyt Erdinç Taş

Postdoctoral Researcher

Name: Cuneyt Erdinc Tas

Role: Postdoctoral Researcher

Qualifications: Chemistry, Polymer Science and Technologies, Material Science and Engineering

Areas of Interest: Polymer Chemistry, synthesis, processing, chemical recycling of waste plastics

Dr. Cüneyt Erdinç Taş has an educational background in chemistry (BSc) and polymer science & technology (MSc). He holds a Ph.D. from Sabanci University in material science and engineering. He has industrial experiences more than five years as a head researcher, specialist, and engineer in the R&D departments of different companies. He has also academic experience of more than six years as a lecturer and researcher in various universities and research centers. As a polymer chemist, his expertise areas are fundamentally polymer synthesis, polymer processing, composite designs, and nanoengineering. His primary research interests are in the development of circular polymers and processes of chemical recycling, biodegradation, depolymerisation-repolymerisation.  Other experience fields are solar-to-thermal energy conversion applications, thermal management, food packaging materials, desalination membrane design, waterborne polyurethane chemistry, unsaturated polyester resin chemistry, controlled/living polymerization methods, and photothermal materials.

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