Dr. Joe Geever

Polymer materials and processing lecturer

Dr. Joe Geever began working in AIT as a polymer materials and processing lecturer in early 2016, after spending almost 20 years in industry primarily in R&D and project management roles. During this time, he supported the development of commercial technologies for a number of pharmaceutical and medical device companies. In many instances this involved managing customer projects from initial quote phase right through to high volume manufacture. All aspects of project implementation were overseen, including project timelines, costs, product and process development, test method development, validation, PFMECAs and process optimisation.

Since returning to AIT, he is the Principal Investigator for two President Seed Fund Projects as outlined below:

  • Development of next generation long-term controlled release Bolus devices
  • The development of novel polymeric delivery systems for the controlled release of therapeutic agents to prevent the spread of zoonotic disease.


He has also collaborated on two successful Enterprise Ireland Innovation Partnership applications as summarised below:

  • Collaborator, 2016 Enterprise Ireland Innovation Partnership (Nelipak). Development of a polymer based smart self-sterilisation system for medical devices
  • Collaborator, 2016 Enterprise Ireland Innovation Partnership (Wellman). The development of novel polyester fibre formulations for high-end applications

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