Dr. Margaret Fournet

Dr. Margaret Fournet is co-ordinating TUS’s new flagship EU-China Horizon 2020 project spearheading the clean-up of the global plastic waste burden. Dr. Fournet is leading a team of 15 partners spanning 9 different countries on the “BioInnovation of a Circular Economy for Plastics” (BioICEP), which is dedicated to the bioconversion of waste plastics into sustainable plastics for the future.

An experienced and Inspiring Physics Lecturer with 15 years demonstrated delivery of world-class collaborative research projects and outstanding student performances, Dr. Fournet has lectured extensively both nationally and internationally. Dr Fournet received a PhD from the School of Physics Trinity College Dublin joined the Polymer Technologies team at TUS in 2017


Dr. Fournet’s research is centred on bio-inspired tailored green technologies designed to overcome global challenges.


The three major research strands are:

  1. Bio-mimicking technologies for sustainability and enhanced regeneration
  2. Innovative booster technologies accentuating, expediting, and augmenting plastics degradation
  3. New hybrid bioplastics to provide the plastics of the future which operate in tandem with the natural environment


In the new era of awareness of the fragility of the natural world and the dependence of global economies and societies on environmental wellbeing, Dr Fournet works closely with consumers, industry and policy makers to foster and implement opportunities for the delivery of new avenues to a more sustainable world.

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