Dr. Marija Mojicevic

Name: Marija Mojicevic

Qualifications: PhD in Biotechnology

Area’s of Interest: Biomaterials; polymers’ biodegradation

Dr. Marija Mojicevic is a postodoctoral researcher at the PRISM Institute at TUS, Athlone campus leading biopolymers production and the biocatalytic and microbial plastic digestion technology streams at TUS. She has nine years of experience working in microbiology sector covering areas from isolation of microorganisms and antimicrobial agents’ identification and production to biopolymer functionalisation and improvement of their antimicrobial characteristics. She is a coordinator team member of Horizon 2020 BioInnovation of a Circular Economy for Plastics (BioICEP) and Horizon Europe EIC Pathfinder EcoPlastic projects. She has significant experience in supervising bachelor students and interns, currently supervising four PhD students. She is a member of European Federation of Biotechnology Biobased Materials Division Board. She has 17 journal papers published and 20 presentations at national and international conferences. According to Google Scholar analysis (November 2022), her publications were cited 262 (h-index 8). Marija has considerable experience in bioprocessing and bioproduct generation, but also in characterization and assessment of microbial products coupled with their detection, structural characterization, identification and optimization of their biosynthesis.

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