EcoPlastiC is a TUS led project awarded by the European Commission’s Horizon European Innovation Council Pathfinder and commences in 2022. EcoPlastiC is designed to provide a seamless route to resolving pervasive PET plastic pollution, converting it to Eco-plastic prototypes. The central aim of ECOPLASTIC is to deliver the science and technology to enable a paradigm step in the delivery of a circular plastics economy: where, through developing methodologies for mixed waste, depolymerised monomers and oligomers can be biologically re-polymerised as regenerate bioplastics which can have equivalent properties to virgin petroleum plastics. EcoPlastic is developing a suite of breakthrough modular technologies adaptable to the waste input streams to deliver a technological paradigm shift in recycling from the current zero to single digit circuits of recycling loops to a regeneration process providing a significant scientific step forward towards true circularity.

EcoPlastiC solution: Removal by diversion of waste mixed PET plastics and textiles, Green Depolymerisation into constituent monomers, Bioconversion into PHA Bioplastics & Processing as new Eco-plastics and bioproducts