PerPETual is Irish government funded Disrupted Technology Innovation Fund project, led by TUS with partners Novelplast, AvonCourt and UCC. The PerPET technology is designed for producing PET plastic from plastic waste instead of crude oil. In the PerPETual solution, depolymerised monomers and oligomers can be re-polymerised from post-consumer recyclate (PCR) following purification. This “new” virgin PET can be regenerated perpetually and used in the same or similar applications as the equivalent fossil fuel produced virgin polymer, thereby reducing the carbon footprint. The PerPETual technology suite is designed to deal with all grades of PET; spanning pristine bottle grade to food and industrial additive contaminated, low grade PET pots tubs and trays.

Post consumer PET is washed & pellitised, then depolymerised to PTA via PerPETual® a proprietary green extrusion and repolymerized as virgin PET resin, ready again for products such as food packaging or textile.